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Attack On Long Binh Post, February 1969

Media: Video
Service: Army
Theater: Vietnam
Video: Color  60 Minutes
UPC: 811120013289

This video documents the attack by the Viet Cong on Long Binh in 1969. Video includes footage shot between 17 Feb and 24 Feb 1969. Includes scenes shot in and around the base showing soldiers preparing for the attack. There are some night scenes of the base under attack showing mostly flares, explosions and gunships firing on enemy targets. Day scenes show soldiers defending positions and firing at the enemy. Convoy of M-113 ARCs and M-551 assault vehicles move out of camp and drive along road. Scenes of Viet Cong bodies around the perimeter of the base.

Please Note! The video has no narration. Includes captions and a music soundtrack.

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Comments On This Video

Rex J. Lee  May 17, 2012
Sand Spriings, OK USA

Village Was Source Of Rockets

Our unit was on the edge of Long Binh. We had been receiving rockets and mortars since arriving in August 1968. Watching from our communications compound, choppers were flying around a village between Long Binh and Bien Hoa speaking to them in Vietnamese. Most of the villagers worked on the Long Binh base. After about 30 minutes the jets came in with the napalm and flattened the village. The Big Red One killed and captured several VC attempting to cross and escape at the Bien Hoa Airbase. Little did we know that most of the rockets and mortars were coming from the village at night. From February 1969 till I left in August 1969 I believe we only received one rocket, during the day, and it was a dud.  

SP5 Dan Roll  March 26, 2012
Esstero, FL

Everything Changed After Tet Offensive

I landed in Vietnam December 22, 1967. Assigned to the 9th Inf. Div. While at 90th replacement I was given new orders for Long Binh and assigned to the 266th Battalion. They noticed on my record that I attended college and could type 75-80 words a minute. It was hot and dirty and you could not breath and the smell was sooo bad! Duty was just routine everyday clerk assignments. After a few weeks I was moved and became the personnel clerk. During this time we would hear that Charlie was moving South but no one seem too concerned. That changed a few weeks later. Where we were located during the Tet Offensive, Charlie tried to come through the main gate. The attitude changed among the GIs. Everybody would be on alert 24/7. All of our roles changed after the Tet Offensive. We would go from clerks during the day and back to basic Infantry at night and weekends. I stayed at Long Binh until August 1968. I asked for a transfer back to the 9th Inf. During that time I received word about my mother and the Red Cross told me I should head home. For sure, the time in Vietnam and all the other GIs you meet and served with: There is a bond that will never be broken.

Indepth Information About This Video
ASSAULT ON LONGBINH POST 02/17/1969-02/19/1969

Shot List Summary: PAN, Supply yard. Supplies stored in sheds. Dawn, soldiers of the 221st Sig Co assemble in formation, police the company area. 221st Sig Co sign. Sign: "R&U Pacific Architects and Engineers". Truck leaves compound. Vietnamese civilian guard closes gate. PAN, compound area. LS, main work shed. Signs: "Painting", "Carpentry", "Metal" and showing their work areas. Vietnamese workers salvaging parts from field generator. PAN, shipping yard. VS, USAVN HQ buildings. Soldiers working around M- 113 ARC. M-113s and M-551s on line along perimeter. UH-1D copter flies over. VS, soldier burning brush to clear area around perimeter. Soldiers at PX snack bar. LS, burning brush. Lookout tower. Shot from inside bunker looking out porthole showing terrain along perimeter. CH-47 copter flies past. VS, asphalt plant in operation. MPs on side of road watching passing traffic. Soldiers string wire on pole. Convoy of M-13 ARCs and M-551 assault vehicles move out of camp and drive along road. Travel shots of soldiers atop M-113s and M-551 under way. Armored vehicles arrive at perimeter. Soldiers burning brush along perimeter. Soldiers at PX snack bar. Starlight scope and M-60MG in tower. HLS, burning brush. HLS, POL dump. Soldier in tower looks through binoculars, talks over field telephone; uses compass and map as he plots observation. VS, asphalt plant in operation. Travel shots past rows of boxes in supply depot. Soldiers string wire on pole. LA, tower. Tilt down to base.ASSAULT ON LONGBINH POST 02/21/1969-02/24/1969

Travel shots of M-113 APCs and M-55l (Sheridan) armored assault vehicles of the 11th Arm Cav Regt under way on road. M-551s and M-ll3s on guard at roadside. Officer speaks over jeep radio. LSs, M-551s and M-ll3s crossing field. Soldiers can be seen walking behind them. Smoke and explosions. Soldiers fire MGs and M-16 rifles from atop M-113s. VS, M-551s and M-113s move through brush. They fire MGs as they advance. Out of focus and lost loop scenes not described. AH-lC and OH-6A copters fly over M-ll3s. Soldier at 50 cal MG on M-1l3. Soldiers resting behind M-l13. Travel shots from M-ll3 as it moves thru brush. Explosions and smoke directly in fg. More lost loop scenes not described. Armored vehicles firing. Smoke and explosions. Soldiers at M-551. VS, dead Vietcong soldiers. Captured enemy equipment. UH-lD medical copter lands near M-113. Soldiers are put aboard and the copter takes off. M-113s move up. Soldiers unload ammunition from truck. Soldiers talking alongside M-1l3. M-55l assault vehicle fires, advance thru smoke and burning brush. M-113 fires MC. Soldiers atop M-113s. Pet dog on APC. Pile of captured grenades; soldiers examine them. M-55l moves out. Armored vehicles move through brush. Smoke covers the area. M-113s and M-551 drive on narrow dirt road, raising dust. RVs, soldiers watching fire fight from their positions in temporary fire base near 11th Cav HQ. Smoke can be seen in the distance. VS, soldiers cleaning 50 cal MG of M-l09 SP 155 How. 0H-6A copter takes off in a cloud of dust. Captured enemy equipment left by Vietcong after breaking thru wire before attempting to rush bunker. Pan from hole in barbed wire to dead Vietcong. Bunker in bg. VS, bodies of Vietcong strewn about. VS, soldiers of mortuary detail removing the dead Vietcong. The bodies are placed in bags, put on litters and then placed into trucks. Trucks drive off. Soldiers gather enemy equipment. LSs, smoke and explosions from airstrikes. AH-lG copter on enemy positions just outside perimeter. Smoke and explosions. Badly wounded Vietcong is placed on litter. He is attended to by a medic. The wounded Vietcong is carried to M-113 in bg. M-551 assault vehicle moves between M-113s. M- 113 fires MG into brush. M-113s move down hill, fire. AH-lG flies over firing rockets and MG. Soldiers atop M-113. M-551 and M-1l3s move forward in attack. Soldiers walk behind M-551 as it moves thru brush. Armored vehicles pass wrecked concrete structure. M-113s move slowly through hilly brush-covered terrain. M-113 with soldiers atop comes to a stop. AH-1G flies over. Burning brush. M-551 passes. M-551 and M-113s move up. Soldier speaks over radio. Radio operator walks to APC. M-551 moves forward, followed by an M-113.

ASSAULT ON LONGBINH POST 02/21/1969-02/24/1969

Shot List Summary: M-113 APCs and an M-551 armored assault vehicle move through brush. VS, LTG Frank T Mildren and members of his staff, looking over area under attack. AVs, Night, Brush fire, lights of Longbinh Post and flares in night sky. Out of focus scenes not described. Night, LSs, weapons firing, flares in sky. Sun setting over Longbinh Post. Dusk, M-132 flamethrower firing. Night, tracer fire. Night, flames spouting from M-132. Night, flares illuminating sky over Longbinh perimeter. Sun rising over Longbinh. CUs, faces of dead enemy soldiers. Two dead Vietcong, bunker in bg. Soldiers of mortuary detail removing bodies. LS, smoke and explosions in distance. Soldiers of the 41st Engineer Co defending their position at perimeter. They are under cover behind sandbagged embankment. One soldier fires his rifle. Smoke and explosions on hillside in bg. Silhouettes of soldiers in bunker with M-79 grenade launchers. Soldiers behind sandbags. Soldier on roof of building with M-l6 rifle. RV, soldier in bunker fires M-79. Soldiers behind sandbags of perimeter, firing M-60MG and M-16 rifles into brush. Soldier on roof fires M-16. LS, M-1l3s and M-551s of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regt move across field. Explosions and smoke in brush by perimeter. UH-lD comes in for landing. LS, armored vehicles move forward. OH-6A flies over. Soldiers at sandbagged bunker. Soldier holding M-16 rifle. Soldier at M-60 MG. Wounded Vietcong is placed on litter. Medic helps wounded Vietcong to safety. M-113 moves forward, fires MG. M-113 and M- 155 on ridge. Soldiers atop M-113 throw hand grenades, fire MG. Soldier oils barrel of 50 cal MG on M-l13. HS, smoke and explosions. Soldiers move up slowly behind M-551. Smoke and explosions in immediate bg. Soldiers behind M-551 throw hand grenades; explosion. Soldier tries to fire M-16; it jams. AH-1G flies over. Dead Vietcong soldier on ground. VS, dead Vietcong in trenches. ARVN soldier examines captured weapons. LSs, M-113s and M-155s firing into brush. Wounded Vietcong alongside M-113 at roadside. A soldier watches him.


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