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Thunder in the Desert: The Story of Edwards Air Force Base

Media: Video
Service: Air Force
Theater: Not Applicable
Video: Color/B&W  60 Minutes

This DVD looks at the world’s pre-eminent military aviation test center. It includes: FA-22 Raptor, F-15 tail slide, airborne laser, Chuck Yeager’s supersonic flight, X-15 program, B-2 Bomber, base history and an insider's view of life on the base.


Indepth Information About This Video
Includes on-camera interviews with the following;

Dr. Jim Young, Flight Test Center Historian;

LtCol Troy Fontaine, Commander 412th Test Operation Squadron;

Capt. Jason Digiacomo, USAF Test Pilot School;

Maj. Todd Copeland, B-2 Test Pilot, 419th Flight Test Squadron;

Dr. Richard Hallion, USAF Historian;

Maj. Gen. Wilbert Pearson, Jr., Commander USAF Flight Test Center;

Bobbi Garcia, Aerial Photographer, Test Operations;

The video includes: A flight crew putting a F-15 into a tail slide; An overview of the area's early history going back to 1910 when it was named Muroc. In 1933 Hap Arnold looked at this area for a practice bombing site. Named Muroc Army Air Base, it was the final stop during WWII for air crews headed overseas;

Video also includes XP-59A testing in 1942 and other scenes showing how primitive early testing was. Shows 1947 scenes with Chuck Yeager during his quest to break the sound barrier.


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