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American POWs in Vietnam: From Capture To Release

Media: Video
Service: Air Force,Army,Marine Corps,Navy
Theater: Vietnam
Video: Color/B&W  90 Minutes
UPC: 811120012626

This video documents the experience of American prisoners of war during the Vietnam War. Includes North Vietnamese film footage of POWs being shot down, captured and paraded through the streets. Includes extensive footage of POWS in captivity, being used for propaganda. Shows POWs inside the prison working, eating, bathing, sleeping, etc. Scenes of Americans being released and boarding Air Force transports. Excellent scenes of POWs celebrating aboard the aircraft. Emotional scenes of POWs being reunited with their families. Extensive footage of POWs at March Air Force Base. Numerous interviews with POWs about their experiences. Also includes a visit to the Nixon White House by nearly 600 POWs and a ticker tape parade in San Francisco welcoming home the POWs and the Son Tay Raiders, who tried to rescue them.


Indepth Information About This Video
The POWs interviewed in this video are:

LTCOL Lewis Shattuck

Lt. Robert E, Frishman,

Col Robinson Risner

Capt. Jerry Driscoll

LCDR Bill Shankel,

LTCOL Alan Laurie

COL John Stavast

COL Thomas Kirk Jr.

LTCOL Thomas Madison

CAPT John Fer

COL George Day

COL Laird Guttersen

LTCOL Donald Waltman

SMSGT Louis Le Blanc

MAJ Wilfred Abbott

MAJ David Ford

CAPT Michael Brazelton

COL Fred V Cherry

LTCOL John Pitchford

CAPT Peter Giroux

CAPT Peter Camerota

BRIG GEN John P Flynn

CMDR Claude Clower

March AFB Staff appearing in this video are:

MAJ Jan Tillisch (Cardiologist)

MAJ John Webber (Orthopedic Surgeon)

CAPT Peter B. Klein (Intelligence Debriefer)

COL George Fong (Homecomming Team Chief)

MAJ William Harmon (Staff Psychiatrist)

COL Howard Rickenbach Jr. (Director Hospital Services)

COL R L Raymond (Debriefing Team Chief)


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