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We can provide you with film with royalty-free rights in perpetuity at prices that are well below those of stock footage companies or the National Archives. We can be reached at 1-760-765-1283, weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. California time or by emailing us at

Who Buys The Film Footage?
Producers for many outlets purchase our film footage including: The History Channel, Wisconsin Public Television and San Francisco Public Television; the Marine Corps, Great Lakes Naval Museum and the USS Intrepid Museum; and international producers such as South Coast Productions of New Zealand and Pro GmbH of Germany. We have also consulted for John Woo’s “Windwalkers,” and Clint Eastwood’s “Flags of Our Fathers”.

How Do I Get Started?
We recommend that you search our website and purchase DVDs to review. You can also give us a call or email us with a description of the project and what footage you’re looking for and we can make suggestions.

Where Does The Footage Come From?
Most of our film footage was purchased in digital format (NTSC 720 x 480, 29.97 FPS) from the National Archives and is in the public domain. You are welcome to buy the same footage from the National Archives, but you’ll find we can turn your order around much faster and at a much more reasonable price.

Can The DVD Purchased From The Website Be Used For My Project?
No. Our DVD copies that are sold to the public from our website have our logo burned into the film and the DVDs are copyrighted by us.

How Can The Footage Be Used?
We can provide you with a clean copy of the unedited footage for broadcast or entertainment products. If you buy the footage clean (without the logo), you can use it any way you see fit, except in direct competition with us. We can send you a licensing agreement conveying the rights to you.

What Are Your Prices?
You can buy film clips up to 1-minute each or you can purchase footage in bulk. Clips up to a minute long are $75 each. (A clip is a continuous scene.) Our bulk footage price is $350 for the first half hour and $150 for each additional half hour.

What Format Will I Receive?
All footage is provided as a .mov file that is 720 x 480, and will be sent via the Internet or shipped to you directly on a hard drive. It is not available in HD.

How Do You Ship?
Shipping is free via USPS priority mail. We can also ship via FEDEX for an additional charge.

Payment Arrangements
Payment must be made via credit card before services are rendered. Payment of 50 percent is due when the order is placed. The balance will be charged when the order is delivered via the Internet or shipped.

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